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  • Elbow Stiffness

    Elbow Stiffness - Elbow Condition

    Elbow stiffness is a condition characterized by a restricted range of motion of the elbow causing difficulty bending, straightening...

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  • Elbow Impingement

    Elbow Impingement - Elbow Condition

    Elbow impingement is a medical condition characterized by compression and injury of soft tissue structures, such as cartilage...

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  • Triceps Injuries

    Triceps Injuries - Elbow Condition

    A triceps injury is damage to the tendon that attaches the triceps muscle at the back of your upper arm to the shoulder blade and elbow bone.

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  • Elbow Ligament Injuries

    Elbow Ligament Injuries - Elbow Condition

    Elbow ligament injuries are injuries to the tough elastic tissues that connect the bones of the elbow joint to each other.

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  • Elbow Trauma

    Elbow Trauma - Elbow Condition

    The common symptoms of injury to the elbow joint and its surrounding structures include swelling and pain, which may extend from...

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  • Elbow Arthritis

    Elbow Arthritis - Elbow Condition

    Elbow arthritis is an inflammatory condition that causes pain, swelling, stiffness, and interference with the use of the arm.

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  • Bicep Tendon Tear at the Elbow

    Bicep Tendon Tear at the Elbow - Elbow Condition

    A biceps tear can be complete or partial. Partial biceps tendon tears will not completely break the tendon while complete tendon...

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  • Elbow Dislocation

    Elbow Dislocation - Elbow Condition

    Elbow dislocations usually occur when you fall onto an outstretched hand. It can also occur from a traumatic injury such as...

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  • Elbow Fractures in Children

    Elbow Fractures in Children - Elbow Condition

    A break in any of the bones that form the elbow is called an elbow fracture.

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  • Radial Head Fractures of the Elbow

    Radial Head Fractures of the Elbow - Elbow Condition

    Radial head fractures are very common and occur in almost 20% of acute elbow injuries. Elbow dislocations are generally associated with...

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  • Throwing Injuries of the Elbow

    Throwing Injuries - Elbow Condition

    An athlete uses an overhand throw to achieve greater speed and distance. Repeated throwing in sports such as baseball and basketball can...

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  • Distal Biceps Injuries

    Distal Biceps Injuries - Elbow Condition

    Distal biceps injuries commonly occur in middle-aged adults, especially in the dominant arm. The injury can lead to a partial or complete...

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  • Elbow Instability

    Elbow Instability - Elbow Condition

    Elbow instability is a condition in which the elbow joint occasionally slides out of alignment due to the unstable state of the joint.

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